Paper Penelitian Ekonomi Islam

Bagi rekan-rekan yang sedang membutuhkan referensi penelitian, skripsi, tesis, maupun disertasi, kami menawarkan berbagai paper penelitian ekonomi islam berbahasa Inggris. Paper tersedia dalam bentuk PDF (full text). Di bawah ini daftar papernya. Untuk pemesanan dan informasi lebih lanjut hubungi atau 085225918312

Tersedia juga jurnal Islamic Economic Studies, International Journal of Islamic Financial Services, Review of Islamic Economics, Iqtishad, La Riba, Journal of Islamic Business and Economics, Proceeding 6th International Conference on Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance, Paper IRTI, dan masih banyak yang lainnya. Kami juga menerima pesanan skrispsi, paper, jurnal terbitan dalam maupun luar negeri yang sedang anda butuhkan. Bidang ekonomi islam maupun ekonomi konvensional semua tersedia. Kami siap mencarikan dan mengirimkannya.

1. Issues In Accounting Standards For Islamic Financial Insitituions; Markfield Institute of Higher Education; Dr. Seif I. Tag El-Din; September 2004.
2. Comparative Advantages Of Islamic Banking And Finance; Mohammad Nejatullah Siddiqi; Harvard University Forum on Islamic Finance, 2002.
3. Islamic Bank Corporate Governance and Regulation: A Call for Mutualization; Mahmoud A. El-Gamal; Rice University; 2005.
4. Corporate Social Responsibility: An Exploratory Study in the United Arab Emirates; Marios I. Katsioloudes and Tor Brodtkorb, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates; 2007.
5. Allocation Output to Factors of Production and the Implicit Islamic Concept of Market Justice; Monzer Kahf; IRTI and University of Kansas, 2002.
6. The Demand Side or Consumer Behaviour: Islamic Perspectives; Monzer Kahf.
7. Ensuring Exchange Rate Stability: Is Return to Gold (Dinar) Possible; Can It Help?; Prof. Dr. Zubair Hasan, International Islamic University of Malaysia.
8. The Economic Role of State in Islam; Monzer Kahf; 1991
9. Evaluation Of Islamic Banking Performance: On The Current Use Of Econometric Models; Zubair Hasan; International Islamic University, Malaysia, (IIUM), 2005.
10. Financial Stability: The Significance and Distinctiveness of Islamic Banking in Malaysia; Ewa Karwowski; The Levy Economics Institute Working Paper No. 555, 2009.
11. Islamic Banking: Theory and Practice in Iran; Hamid Zangeneh; Widener University, 2001.
12. Interest, Usury, Riba And The Operational Costs Of A Bank; A.L.M. Abdul Gafoor; Groningen, the Netherlands.
13. Islam, Commerce, and Business Ethics; Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad; Business International Ecumenical Conference (June 10-12, 2004).
14. Separating The Good From The Bad: Developments In Islamic Acquisition Financing; Umar F. Moghul.
15. Islamic Banking; A.L.M. Abdul Gafoor; Chapter 4 of the book Interest-Free Commercial Banking, 1995.
16. Islamic Banking and Finance: Another Approach; A.L.M. Abdul Gafoor; Islamic Hinterland Conference on Critical Debates Among Canadian Muslims, 1999.
17. The Legal Principles Of Islamic Business Ethics
18. Islamic Microfinance And Socially Responsible Investments; Chiara Segrado; University of Torino, 2005.
19. Market Structure And Competitive Conditions: A Comparative Analysis Of Islamic And Conventional Banking; Rima Turk Ariss; Lebanese American University, 2009
20. Money And Banking In An Islamic Economy; M. Umer Chapra;1992.
21. A Simple Fiqh-and-Economics Rationale for Mutualization in Islamic Financial Intermediation; Mahmoud A. El-Gamal; Rice University, 2006.
22. Analyzing the Contemporary Discourse about Riba Among Muslims; Dr. Athar Murtuza; The AMSS 32nd Annual Conference, Indiana University, Sept. 26-28 2003.
23. Poverty Eradication From Islamic Perspectives; Dr. Syed Othman Alhabshi.
24. Relevance Definition and Methodology of Islamic Economics; Monzer Kahf.
25. Role of Government in Economic Development: Islamic Perspective; Monzer Kahf; Seminar on Economic Development, The Sains University Malaysia, 2-4 Desember 1998.
26. Service Bonds for Financing Public Utilities; Monzer Kahf; Seminar on Financing Government Enterprises from the Private Sector, King Abdul Aziz University, 1999.
27. Introducing Islamic Banks into Conventional Banking Systems; Juan Solé; IMF Working Paper, 2007
28. Derivatives In Islamic Finance; Andreas A. Jobst; the International Conference on Islamic Capital Markets; Jakarta, Indonesia, August 27-29, 2007.
29. Outlines And Challenges In Theorizing And Testing Islamic Economics (A Case Study In Economic Teaching); Dr. Y. Dadgar; Modares University, Iran.
30. Value Through Diversity: Microfinance and Islamic Finance and Global Banking; Nicoletta Ferro; 2005.
31. Islamic Banking: Interest-Free or Interest-Based?; Beng Soon Chong and Ming-Hua Liu; 2007.
32. Analysis of Short-Term Asset Concentration in Islamic Banking; Abbas Mirakhor; IMF Working Paper, 1987.
33. Capitalization Requirements, Efficiency and Governance: A Comparative Experiment on Islamic and Western Banks; Lucia Dalla Pellegrina, 2006.
34. Islamic Financing Arrangements Used In Islamic Banking (Musharika, Murabiha, Qarde Al'hasana, Ijareh, Mudaraba); Ehsan Zarrokh; 2007.
35. The Economics of Islamic Finance and Securitization; Andreas A. Jobst; IMF Working Paper, 2007.
36. Role of Islamic Banks in Economic Development; Shahid Saleem, 2008.
37. A Critical Assessment of Islamic Economics; Hamburg Institute of International Economics, 2004.
38. Microfinance in Islamic Society; James Braschler, J.D., 2006.
39. Islamic Banks and Financial Stability: An Empirical Analysis; Martin Čihák and Heiko Hesse; IMF Working Paper, 2008.
40. Riba, Efficiency, and Prudential Regulation: Preliminary Thoughts; Mohammad Fadel, 2008.
41. Developing Strategies for Islamic Banks to Face the Future Challenges of Financial Globalization; Ahmed Al-Ajlouni.
42. Islamic Hedging: Gambling or Risk Management?; Saadiah Mohamad and Ali Tabatabaei; the 21st Australian Finance and Banking Conference, 16 -18 December 2008.
43. Islamic Banking: Theories, Practices And Insights For Nigeria; Uhomoibhi Toni Aburime.
44. Islamic Economics: A Survey of the Literature; Asad Zaman; Religions and Development Working Paper 22.
45. Overcoming Financing Constraints In An Emerging Islamic Market: Evidence From The Sudan Telecommunications Company; Bruce Hearn, Jenifer Piesse, and Roger Strange.
46. An Emerging Islamic Financial Market: A Case Study Of The Sudanese Stock Market; Bruce Hearn, Roger Strange and Jenifer Piesse.
47. Islamic Investment Funds: An Analysis Of Risks And Returns; Sanjoy Bose and Robert W. McGee; Working Paper November 2008.
48. The Performance of Islamic Equity Funds; Roman Kraeussl and Raphie Hayat; VU University Amsterdam, December 2008
49. Supply Side or Producer Behaviour: Islamic Perspective
50. Sustainable Development in The Muslim Countries; Monzer Kahf, 2002.
51. What is the Scope of Islamic Economics and Finance?; Masudul Alam Choudhury.
52. Determinants of Islamic Banking Profitability by M. Kabir Hassan, Ph.D. and Abdel-Hameed M. Bashir, Ph.D.; ERF Paper.
53. Global Islamic Capital Markets: Review Of 2006 And Prospects For 2007 by Rodney Wilson; Durham Research Working Paper June 2007.
54. The Gateway to International Islamic Investing by Andrew Broadley
55. Islamic Asset Management by Rodney Wilson; Durham Research Working Paper June 2007.

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