Management of Zakah in Modern Muslim Society (Kode M014)

Papers presented to the first seminar on management of zakah in modern muslim society held in Karachi, Pakistan during 22 April – 2 May 1985. Published by ITRI IDB

1. Effects of zakah assessment and collection on the redistribution of income in contemporary muslim countries (M.A Mannan)
2. Limitations on the use of zakah fund in financing the socioeconimics infrastructure of society (S Ismail Shehatah)
3. Adjusting tax structure to accommodate zakah (Mohammad H Awad)
4. Recent interpretations of economics aspect of zakah (Sabahaddin Zaim)
5. Management of zakah through seimi government institutions (Fuad A Al Omar)
6. Organization of zakah the Pakistan model and experience (I.A Imtiazi)

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