Iqtisad Journal of Islamic economics (Kode J046)

Pusat pengembangan ekonomi Syariah FE UII Yogyakarta
Vol. 4 No. 2 Rajab 1424 H/september 2003

1. Zakah as deductible for taxable income: a macroeconomic persfective. By. Akhmad Akbar susamto
2. the potensial of ZIS fund as an instrument in Islamic economy: its theory and management implementation. By. Budi Budiman
3. consumer’s preference toward Islamic banking (case study in bank muamalat Indonesia and bank BNI Syariah). By. Delta Khoirunissa
4. the optimizing of rahn service for the development of Islamic banking in Indonesia. By. Lidia rahmah maulidia.
5. Penalty imposed on debt payment delaying-capable-clients: a study on DSN-MUI’s fatwa no. 17/Dsn-Mui/IX/2000. by. Maftukhatusolikhah
6. Maximization of economic cooperation among Moslem countries and the urgency of “Islamic common market”. By. Mohammad B. Hendrie Anto.

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